narryaf asked:

Thoughts on libra women?

kissmyastrology answered:

Hot hot like a tater tot

Really though, they’re intelligent, attractive, have a real eye for aesthetics, are romantic, and yeah. 

A description by Liz Greene:

"The Libra woman loves beauty, style and elegance. But don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s shallow or superficial. She has a mind like a steel trap. This woman is not some vague, fluffy bundle of mascara and stiletto heels that will stare in open-mouthed admiration at your mental acrobatics. She’s probably either got a string of academic degrees or might as well have, and has already worked out the solution to the problem in ten minutes which you’ve been struggling with for two hours.

Libra women can be quite unnerving. They often show a huge contradiction between their appearance and their real nature. Some Libra women prefer to find their beauty and elegance solely in the world of ideas. But even here you can see the style and grace at work, and most Libra women are usually very aware of their appearance. The appearance of the Libra woman often belies the capacities and capabilities of her intellect. She is, however, generally too tactful to allow this to be immediately known. You might not find out for years that she’s a lot smarter than you are.

There’s often a strong intellectual drive in the Libra woman, whether this shows itself as a love of theoretical knowledge or a love of organising. The Libra woman may need a strong career to allow expression of her gifts. There is often a real ability to work with groups and get people together in cooperative action. Her goal-orientated qualities are expressed through the Libra woman’s ability to work with structures, forms, organisations and concepts. This can be very disconcerting, as this is also usually the woman who will happily spend a day being pampered at the beauty salon and throw away a fortune on designer clothes.

No Libra is simple. The strong mental bias of the sign means she may tend to suppress her emotions. Whatever conventional stereotypes society might expect of women, the Libra woman generally prefers to reason things out rather than reacting out of instinct.

This is both a great boon and a great problem. It’s a boon in terms of potential achievement in the world and in terms of establishing clean, strong friendships. It’s a problem because her powerful intellect can make an insecure type of man feel very threatened; and dealing with children and intimate relationships can be difficult because the Libra woman may find it hard to show emotion spontaneously or respond freely to a partner’s or child’s emotional needs.

The key is romance. Libra’s tightly corseted, over-civilised emotions can usually be freed through the ritual courtship of romance. And the Libra woman is definitely a romantic, even if you find her displaying those frighteningly rational tendencies and claiming to be a logical, reasonable person.

A bunch of flowers can go a long way; but a heartfelt compliment goes an even longer way, and best of all is a genuine interest in and attraction to her mind. If you want to relate to a Libra woman, you have to accept both the man and the woman in her. For she possesses both, and the Libran woman who has found her own balance is comfortable in all worlds.”







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